Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Moving back to SC ... for now.

So. How shall I summarize... let's see.

I've left California and am currently chillin with my pregnant friend here in Bozeman, Mt. I'll be hitting the road again tomorrow morning, and be in State College, sometime between Monday and Wednesday, depending on people and weather.

In short, I worked a job I didn't like for a year, spent much of my spare time and money on health concerns, and finally found a community that I loved - just before I realized that I really needed to go home for a little while.

I guess my reasons are as follows:

1.) Rest and work on my health
2.) Visit friends and family that I haven't seen for 2.5 - 10 years
3.) Live at home and save some money
4.) Tackle this huge list of things that I've been wanting to do that can only be done by living unstressfully at home (organizing all the stuff I left there, getting through a huge reading list, sitting in on classes at PSU, lots of cooking, volunteering, etc)

But, of course, after months of fantasizing (during my boring job) about what I would do at home, now I'm not so sure how happy I'll really be there. I mean I left for a reason. But now I'm remembering how few people my own age will be there - how many of my fellow classmates have moved on to massively successful things, how annoying drunken and stupid PSU students can be, and how little there really is to do. Avoiding TV will be hard.

But I'm hoping to make a new start. Take what I've learned in LA and apply it here - make a new space for myself and forget/avoid all this other stuff.

And in the end, I really only plan to be there through August. God only knows how long I'll actually end up anywhere - but I keep reminding myself, it is what you make of it.

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