Saturday, July 3, 2010

Update (long past due)

Well, it's been... perhaps a year? To update fully:

1.) I moved back to PA in October
2.) I've been slowly recovering health while working as a taxi driver
3.) My brother passed away in Deceomber
4.) I will definitely be staying PA through the anniversary of his death (perhaps longer if I get the job I'm waiting for working for a local airline)
5.) I went back and visited California again at the end of May
6.) I've got my share of other projects going on: Saving money, working on my credit (just requested my first credit card), looking into grad schools and careers, learning portuguese, cleaning/restoring our house, learning tango, helping to teach (and trying to better train myself) capoeira

I've also been coming across a lot of interesting ideas and resources on the internet and otherwise lately, so I'm going to post some here. If I'm able, I'd also like to start a website and try posting them there, just to see if I might be able to hone those skills. They seem like they could make me more marketable, who knows.

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