Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pan-Australia Trip Schedule

Ladies and gentlemen, after 6 months of laboring and 3 or so weeks of contemplation, I have completed my plans AT LAST!

I'm so excited about this I can barely contain myself.  This is, by far, my greatest travel creation :)  Not sure I'll ever surpass this one, actually, but I guess that remains to be seen...

(so don't be jealous!  I'm guessing I could sit in an apartment until I'm 95 after this and still be content:)

And it all starts... tomorrow!


[NOTE: Actual city areas are underlined so you can better read exactly where I'll be geographically, MOM :) ]

Sep 23 - Sep 29: Fly into Alice Springs in the Red Centre of Australia, take a 3 day camping tour of and around Uluru, then another 3 day camping bus tour up to Darwin in the far, foresty north.

Oct 30- Oct 8: See Darwin and take a day tour of Litchfield Park and a 2 day camping and 4X4 tour of Kakadu.

Oct 9 - Oct 23: Fly into and see Cairns, then learn how to scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef! Also a 2 day tour up into the Daintree rainforest of the Cape and a 1 day tour of the Atherton Tablelands and its waterfalls.

Oct 24 - Oct 27: Take the bus to Airlie Beach, hang out, and then take a 2 day/2 night sail about tour around the infamously beautiful Whitsunday Islands.

Oct 28 - Oct 31: Take the bus to 1770 (name of a town) and do "scooteroo"(surfing and motorcycles:), then head to Hervey Bay for...

Nov 1 - Nov 3: a 3 day 4X4 tour of Fraser Island (another infamously beautiful island) with plenty of camping, snorkeling, and beaches.

[NOTE: after this point all plans are tentative in terms of time.  Only the flight to Perth is solid.  Probably going to be back in Sydney a little earlier and longer than 1 night]

Nov 4 - Nov 8: "Gagaju"some sort of swamp camp. Might skip this. Then also some exploring of Noosa, the notorious hippie town.

Nov 9 - Nov 11 : Might stay longer, might not, here I'll see Brisbane :)

Nov 12 - Nov 19: Taking the bus down to Byron Bay and spending somewhere around a week trying to learn how to surf.  Unless the dirty, mooching hippies make things uncomfortable, as some people claim.  Then I'll be staying less than a week.  Kinda doubt that.  We'll see.

Nov 19 - Nov 21: Full day bus ride back to Sydney, staying a couple nights, then taking a flight to Perth on the West Coast.

Nov 22 - Nov 28: 7 day tour of the West Coast up to Exmouth, then back to Perth.  Dolphins!  Possibly more scuba diving!  Definitely more beaches!

Nov 30 - Dec 2: 3 day tour south of Perth and back.  Margaret River, Giant Tree Forrest, hopefully Wave Rock.

Dec 4 - Dec 12 or 13: Flying to Melbourne and hanging out with Nadine and fam :)  Then heading to Sydney whenever it seems safest.  Haven't booked this flight/bus yet.  Still need to check on seat availability for the flight home - the toughest part : /

Dec 17 or 18: The last days I figured it was still safe to fly back to the states on standby :)  Any otherwise,   I'm guessing I get stuck in Australia until ..... well, possibly until my visa expires?


Let the adventure begin!

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