Sunday, September 22, 2013

6 Months Already, Really?

 Question: How do you make 6 months fly by quickly?

 Answer: Work 3 of them on night shift. The 4th will be spent recovering. The fifth, in this case, in religious practices/festivities. The 6th will be like nothing at all after all that. In the end it felt like I only worked that last month.

 I realize I have talked very little about my job here, so I feel like I should say something about the recently-ended gift that was:

 It was completely and unexpectedly great - especially considering I spent 2 months not knowing if I even COULD find work. I got to work with nice people, get experience working in Human Resources (yet another new field of work), and work in a professional atmosphere at the top of a building with a beautiful view, and a beautiful sunrise and sunset nearly every day (and I usually either saw one or the other)...

Since I may not have mentioned it before, I got to stay with the company for the full six months because my contract was re-extended about 3 times due to newly discovered need.   I became sort of "the last temp standing" - and was I ever lucky for that.  These people essentially have "cake day" once a month to celebrate monthly birthdays, and they always made sure one was gluten-free.  They even got me a card when I left and a gift card to a book store.  A co-worker bought me some cake from a "famous Sydney bakery".    I'm still kicking myself as a reminder of how blessed this has all been.

That and, of course, I've been able to save a ton of money.  And I will be spending it, probably all of it, on a round-the-country trip which, just to make this post even cornier and more cliche, I must call SUPER AWESOME.

Details to come.

And a great, great many thanks to my friends and former co-workers at Lend Lease :)

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