Friday, February 22, 2013

WEEK 3:  Really, three weeks already?

Things finally started getting off the ground a little more this week, with personal interviews for 2 temp agencies, jumping through their loops (paperwork, testing, etc), and 3 hours of office work on Friday at my first, albeit very short, temp gig.  Here's for hoping there's more where that came from.

But you wanted to know more, didn't you?

Sunday afternoon I had my ipod stolen (pickpocketed).  Sunday night I caught part of the huge "Tropfest" event, which is a small films competition shown, for free, in a park, to over 10,000 mostly young people.

Monday I had my first interview with a temp agency, up in an impressively modern office in a highrise downtown.  It went pretty well.

Tuesday I caught a cold, but still managed to get another interview with a different agency.

Wednesday I focused on trying to get over being sick.  And I got a call to work on Friday for 3 hours.  Woohoo!

Thursday I had another interview in an even more impressive, even-higher highrise.   It went pretty well. 

Friday afternoon I worked for 3 hours as a receptionist for an international management consulting firm.  I wore my nicest outfit.  Everyone was out of the office for some off-site event, so I spent 2.5 hours (after a 1/2 hour training) enjoying a polished-marble high-rise view of the Sydney Opera House and the occasional sail boat.  Not to mention free coffee, soda, juice, and even gluten-free snakcs - and, of course, the internet.  For this effort, I will be compensated $23/hr plus super annuation (read: Australian 401k).

At night I did my laundry and couldn't sleep for a while when all my roommates came home from a night out kinda smashed.

Saturday it's raining in sheets.  My glasses lost a screw and are now broken.  The young German couple who used to be in my room are going to talk to me later about possibly going out to the Blue Mountains tomorrow.

Technically it's not wonderland.  Annoying stuff happens.  There are bugs, it's dirty in the hostel.  I have to live with a whole bunch of somewhat alcohol obsessed college types (read: teenagers in adult bodies).  Things can be expensive.  It's $3.60 each way to take the bus to the beach.  Work didn't come instantly.  I'm estimating I probably spend $70/week on food, at least.  And I got sick.

But somehow things are kind of perfect.  Sydney is a peaceful, clean, beautiful city environmentally and socially.   The Royal Botanical Gardens, close to where I'm staying, are kind of magical - filled with different, fascinating plants and birds, with almost dreamlike views of the Sydney Opera house and the bay.  When you can't stand sitting around in the kinda dirty, smelly, crowded hostel any more, it's the perfect cure.  And despite the drinking, everyone in the hostel in nice, and pretty interesting.  Not mention be able to stay nearly center city in a world class city for an affordable rate.

Technically, there's no guarantee that the temp agencies I've been accepted into will be able to find me enough work.  And I've got some expenses coming my way, at some point.  But... I'm not worried.  Every once in a while, mostly when I'm in the Royal botanical gardens or at the beach,  I wonder how I got this lucky.

Pronounced, "Ozzie"

Added Bonus:
Since I didn't really get out to do very much new stuff this week, I'm going to post some fun Ozzie stuff.

Sunday night I caught part of Tropfest, Australia's short film awards.  They play every thing on gigantic screens outside in a park, so it's free and easy to get in on.  My favorite:

Check out "Better than Sinatra":

Also, I never liked "Call Me Maybe" (pop song),  but this Ozzie man-version parody is funny :P

Other than this, I've been told adapting my language a little bit might not be a bad idea. So, gonna try to exchange:

"See ya" for "Cheers"

"Guy" for "Bloke"

"That's great" for "Fanstastic"

"Ripping on" someone for "Taking a piss"

Anything ending in "er" with "ie", such as "Bikie" instead of Biker, and "Surfie" instead of "Surfer".

And just generally not expressing any disdain for or boredom with cricket, even though it is, infact, very boring.  Like golf, only more complicated, and thereby even harder to figure out what the point is.

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