Sunday, February 17, 2013

Week 2: Hostel Life

Lots of rain this week, but it helped me focus on the job hunt.   Along those lines, I'll summarize: it's not easy, and by my count I've applied to some 44 jobs and 9 different temp agencies.  But I have an interview with a temp agency tomorrow so for now, at least, I'm still feeling optimistic.

The downside of things was that I came here during the summer, when, I guess, there isn't generally a lot of office work.  Or something.

The upside is that things should be picking up, and I've managed to catch the end of summer - nice temperatures for the beach, and outdoor events nearly every evening, if you can figure out what and where they are.

So to summarize my week:  lots of time indoors, on the internet during the day, spending "quality time" in the hostel.

Hit the beach on Valentine's Day and Sunday, walked across the Harbor Bridge to Luna Park (pics on FB soon) on Saturday, and caught a couple of "free" outdoor movies on various nights.  Sunday night I was able to catch the end of "Tropfest," Australia's international (though mostly Australian) short film festival.

Aaand, gonna end this post with a picture of my favorite bird.

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