Thursday, April 3, 2008

Good News!!!

I got a job!!

Ok, so a basic run down of the last couple of months: I've been living with Mary and Al, who are amazing, wonderful, fun, wise people, but who are also stressed out of their minds and in debt themselves. It has actually been a kind of escalating stress for the past few weeks, and I was getting pretty down about trying to find a job and a way to live. Other things: my foot problems may never really go away, I'm stressed out too, and I went to Santa Cruz for one wonderful week and came back and then life was like Hell for a week (last week).


Very quickly (of course) life went from relatively bad to relatively good. Monday I called the Temp agency to ask if any work was available (as I did fruitlessly for 2 previous weeks). There was one request that my profile fit, so they sent over my resume. Tuesday they wanted to schedule an interview. Wednesday I interviewed. Thursday I started work. Voi-la.

I now work for a pretty large, international media company who work (seemingly) fundamentally with films, converting them from one form to another, as well as working on new technologies for media and subtitles, etc. All the technical stuff I guess.

Anyway, I'm training to be the IT secretary which, as uneventful as it might sound, seems to actually be a pretty nice job at this point. There's a very good balance of work, all of the employees are kind of chill and don't seem stressed (to me, at least in comparison to the people I've been living and working with since I've been in California), and amazingly the building has some Feng Shui - it's nice and clean, well-lit, natural feeling and well-designed. More amazingly, my commute is only 20 minutes one way and work doesn't start until 9 :)

Given all of this, I'm clinging to this job for my life. Those of you who know me would have figured this out: I've showed up early everyday and intend to continue doing so.

And there are a lot of things I'm looking foward to. I want to know how the company works, how they manage to keep all their workers so happy, what their others branches internationally do, etc. And of course I'm looking foward to getting enough money to have my own apartment and get my own car (although I'm afraid getting the car probably comes first, which is more expensive and annoying than the apartment). I'm looking foward to actually being able to plan things to make the most of them. Like knowing how much money I might be able to make, when I'm going to take vacation and what I can do between the two of those things. In fact, in my spare moments I actually like to calculate this stuff in my head (or sometimes on paper), figuring out all the possible numbers. This after my first 2 days of work.

Finally, since I got the job through the temp agency I have to wait 90 days before I find out whether the company will take me on as their own employee. Luckily it seems like there are good chances - the girl who was hired for this position before me (from the same temp agency)is now moving up to a different position. I've also heard that they really like taking their employees from the temp agency, as well as moving people up in rank when they can.


Things are good :)


Anonymous said...

o wow ur still doing this. and it says u have a job! i knew that.

happy bday!

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