Friday, November 30, 2007

Black Friday at the Beach

Ahh, Venice Beach. My favorite locale. And what's better than being at Venice Beach? Being there on Black Friday.

Yes, I'm still thoroughly enjoying the Californian version of "winter." You can still hit the beach - it's just slightly too cold to go swimming. And cold rain? It's actually kind of like our version of snow. Any rain at all, actually, is exciting.

Anyway, it's Friday and I've been working my little fingers off all day, but I felt a blog post was necessary for whatever reason. I guess there's just some random stuff I have to say - like how much I love our 2 cute, friendly cats when it's cold and rainy. Or how working in the kitchen area on a Friday, even though I only work here because it's warmer and there's more light, turns out to score you food gifts from most people in the house throughout the day. They take pity on me, I think - and they should because Warren has been pacing around and generally stressing me out all day.

And then there's the other stuff that came up days before but I never remembered to write it down. Like the alarming environmental news in the L.A. Times every day that is encouraging me to find a "green"-focused job. Or how nice it was a few days ago when all of my east coast friends just happened to try to contact me on the same day. Or how I went to my first professional basketball game last night (Lakers!!). Unfortunately, a lot of what I would have had to say is lost in the moment.

But I can still do a little update of what I'm up to, right? Well, obviously I'm still working my job for Warren here out of the house. And I'm very much hoping to wrap this all up before I leave for Xmas at the end of the month. I'm also hoping to interview for jobs starting in January, so I've been doing a little research on different organizations in the area via the LA Chamber of Commerce website. I've started some career counseling with a very cool lady named Mary who lives at the bottom of the mountain. So I'm maybe a quarter of the way into "The Passion Test Book," at her recommendation, and it's kind of exciting ("The effortless path to discovering your destiny" :P ). In alignment with a suggestion from a woman my age in media development, I've also started working a little more on a digital portfolio (aka, "webpage") with an emphasis on photography and digital graphics. It's gotten my creative side going again :) I'll post the link when it's more complete.

And, of course, I've been going to capoeira a few times a week, emptying my pockets on gas money going to my autocad class, and eating lots of peanuts (the only easy and consistently available snack food in the house).

Oh, and Thanskgiving was a huge amount of fun. Dinner for 22, very nice ;)


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