Thursday, June 7, 2007

Month of May Redux

So, all in the month of May I:

  1. Finished classes
  2. Took finals
  3. Finished my job at McLanahan's
  4. Graduated
  5. Went to NYC for a week
  6. Flew to Los Angeles
  7. Started my summer job here
So now I'm staying with my Aunt Liz and Uncle Warren in L.A., working on updating and editing a national internship directory for the arts. The end date is indefinite, and so are my plans for what comes next. I may stay in the city, who knows, I may stay in the house and find other jobs to do. Or I might try to move to NYC, or maybe even do some travel/teaching abroad.

At the moment, though, I'm just enoying the city and the cats which are currently crawling all over me even though I didn't invite them.

I still have the same cell phone number, and if you want my new address or e-mail address, just give me a call or a comment. And make sure to shoot me a line if you're going to be in the area :)

And of course, career ideas and roommate requests are welcome.

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